With the latest RCRX-868 project (868MHz super heterodyne receiver module), RadioControlli   fulfills the range of miniaturized radio modules 433/868/915MHz (world's smallest RF modules), designed to be mounted using SMT technology.

Aforementioned  range includes :

1)      ASK  Superhet receiver module                                             2) ASK Transmitter module crystal control

         Frequency: 433.92 / 868.35 / 915MHz (*)                                         Frequency: 433.92 / 868.35 / 915MHz (*)

         Versions: 5Volt e 3Volt                                                                 Versions: 5Volt e 3Volt

         Dimensions: 9.5 x 14mm                                                              Dimensions: 6.8 x 12mm

         RCRX-434 datasheet    RCRX-868 datasheet                                       RCTX-434 datasheet   RCTX-868 datasheet


(*) Transmitters and receivers with custom frequencies can be produced on request.


  • Radio Module lower cost
  • Radio Module smaller footprint
  • Assembly process lower cost
  • Low resistance and inductance to pins

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